Kind Stranger "Alter" Red 2020, Washington State

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74% Aquilini & Freewater Rocks Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, 14% Weinbau Vineyard Malbec, and 12% Freewater Rocks Vineyard Syrah

Blending is nothing if not an excercise in change, creating a new sum. The parts here are three varietals from outstanding vineyard sites to produce this robust Washington red. Cabernet vines grown in the basalt derived gravel of Red Mountain give excellent depth of fruit and ample structure, with a touch of earthy Freewater Rocks. Weinbau Malbec brings concentration, spice notes, and fruity volume to the palate. Funky Freewater Syrah layers on dark-fruited intrigue and breadth to the finish. Label artwork is by Kris Chau, based on a work titled, "Alter of Labor + Love."

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