Domaine des Baumard Savennieres 2019

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Baumard’s Savennières bottling comes from their 15 acre Clos Sainte Yves vineyard between the Clos du Papillon and Roche aux Moines. The vineyard’s soil profile is of shale, sand and sandstone. Mutltiple passes are made in order to pick grapes at perfect maturity. In an average year yields can range from the absurdly low 30 hl/ha to the merely very low 50 hl/ha.
Baumard adheres to several core principles in managing their vineyard, including:
– alternating cover crop among rows
– trellising high to capture sunlight and ensure ripeness
– respecting natural balances and treatments
– controlled treatments
– waste management

The grapes are whole bunch pressed in a pneumatic press. Pressings are gentle and fractional, meaning that Florent Baumard collects the pressed juice at ascending intervals of pressure and ferments the lots separately. The wines are fermented in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures on their lees; no wood is used in the winemaking or aging process, which Florent believes allows him to achieve a purer expression of site. The wine then spends 9 months on the lees in tank before being bottled.

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